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Visit The Onsen Hot Spring Resort Batu to Release Your Stress The guests enjoying the welcome drink serve by The Onsen. (PHOTO: The Onsen Hot Spring Resort for TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESPROBOLINGGO, BATUThe Onsen Hot Spring Resort, the one and the only natural hot spring resort and Japanese restaurant in Batu, Malang of East Java has been officially reopened since June 3, 2020. This hot spring resort had been closed for several months for the pandemic.

Unlike before the pandemic struck the country where this place opens for 24 hours in a day, for now, The Onsen Hot Spring Resort will only open starting from 10.00 to 21.00 local western time.


“Our staff will welcome you with their utmost hospitality and will check your body temperature before you enter the building,” Public Relations Manager of The Onsen Hot Spring Resort, Septian Reca N said.

In addition, still according to her, the management also provide the guest with a sink before the entrance door to wash their hand before entering the resort. They also provide hand sanitizer in several corner of their area.

As the only hot spring resort in Batu, The Onsen Hot Spring Resort is a perfect place to release your stress after a long day of work. This place surrounded by hundreds of pine trees with a beautiful mountain chain at the background.  

After check in you will be welcome with an invigorating welcome drink, and will lead you to the true Japanese villas and also the Japanese bathing culture and experience which commonly called as ‘Onsen’.


For those who would like to feel the warm bath at the spring The Onsen Hot Spring Resort offers a discount for their ticket. You could have free one ticket for every 4 ticket you bought, and discount up to 50% for their food and beverage, and 50% discount for the Yukata you rent.

Feel the uniqueness of our Japanese ambience and relaxing moment at The Onsen Hot Spring Resort, Batu, Malang, East Java. For more information you could contact Septian Reca N. on +6281 333 298 005 or visit their office at Jalan Satsui Tubun I/80A – Malang. Or you could email them or visit their official website at (*)

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