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What Habits can Cause Dehydration? ILLUSTRATION - Dehydration (PHOTO: Klikdokter)

TIMESPROBOLINGGO, JAKARTADehydration or lack of fluids can cause organs, cells, and tissues in the body has improperly function. Dehydration is caused by various things, such as excessive sweating, diarrhea, and lack of drinking. In addition, some daily habits can also be a cause of dehydration.

As reported by Klik Dokter, the following six habits can cause dehydration.

1. Drinking alcoholic beverages

Besides being intoxicating, consuming alcohol can also cause dehydration. Alcohol that enters the digestive system will increase combustion and chemical reactions. Well it will make the body's water out. For example through sweat.

2. Consuming carbonated drinks

Too often consuming carbonated drinks can also cause dehydration. Carbonated drinks will absorb electrolytes in the body, so don't be surprised after drinking carbonated drinks you will be more thirsty.

3. Often to drink tea and coffee

Tea and coffee contain caffeine which is diuretic or attracts fluid from the body. Therefore, you will often go to the toilet if you consume both of these drinks. Consuming caffeine too often, in fact will reduce more fluid through urine production.

4. Doing a low carbo diet

Carbohydrates are stored in the body together with fluids. That's why you will lose a few kilograms of water when you do a low carbo diet. Maybe this diet looks good on the scale, but it doesn't for hydration levels.

5. Having stress

When we are stressed, the adrenal gland will release stress hormones. At the end, this makes the production of aldosterone hormone decreases then it leads to dehydration and lack of electrolytes.

6. Lack of eating fruits and vegetables

Many of fruits and vegetables are rich in water so they can help supply the water needs in the body. If you eat less fruits and vegetables, and don't compensate by drinking lots of water, you will be prone to dehydration. (*)

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