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Soto, an Equisite Taste of Indonesian Chicken Soup Illustration: Soto Lamongan, a chicken soup of Lamongan which quite well known in the whole country. (PHOTO: wowkeren)

TIMESPROBOLINGGO, JAKARTASoto or chicken soup has been widely spread across Indonesia as one invigorating food that could bring back your mood after an exhausting day. However, as every area has their very own taste, there then several of them modified it according to their taste.

Just like those chicken soup in Central Java. Each of the area such as Yogyakarta, Kudus, Purbalinggo, Sokaraja, Wonogiri, Pekalongan has their very own taste and unique way of serving this food.

Pekalongan community will serve this chicken soup with a little bit touch of tauco (fermented tempeh). They will also substitute the chicken with beef (normally buffalo meat).

What about East Java? This province also has lots of kind of Soto, either from the different taste or the way they serve it. Either it uses chicken or beef, typical soto in East Java will added some koya (crushed fried shredded coconut meat) on top the Soto when it served.

Central Java also has their very own distinctive way of serving Soto. Whereas most of the area in Indonesia will serve it with rice, some of Soto in West Java will substitute the rice with glass noodle or the regular noodle they have. Plus, if you ever taste Soto Betawi, this Soto will be cooked with coconut milk which make it even more tasty and savory.

Meanwhile, you could also find a very distinctive taste of soto or chicken soup in another island of Indonesia such as Soto Padang and ​​​​​​​Soto Medan of Sumatera. Or you could taste the delicious Soto Banjar, Soto Makassar, Soto Barenang Polaweli-Mandar, Soto Manado, Soto Kikil Kendari, and Soto Sasak of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. (*) 

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